Ford Super Duty Capability Features

Ask anyone who knows, and they will know will you that the Ford Super Duty series is a reliable option for all of your job tasks. One of the main reasons for this is because versatility almost seems like it is literally their middle name. However, their capability features also carry the day as well. Consider some of these facts:

A lot of “best in class” characteristics

First of all, the Ford Super Duty features a “best in class” payload, making it easy for you to haul all of the valuables in your project. They also feature a gross combination weight rating that is tops in their class as well.

A lot of excellent “big load” characteristics

The Ford Super Duty is built to handle the big loads. It can deliver the goods with a best-in-class fifth wheel rating or a high-duty gooseneck rating. Make no question about it, the Ford Super Duty is just ready to be an asset for all of your endeavors.

Does the Ford Super Duty sound interesting to you? If so, contact Southwest Ford Lincoln today and they would be happy to arrange for a test drive for you!

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