Why Do Some of the 2019 Mustangs Sound so Good?

Every car aficionado knows the sound. There is a distinctive growl when a Mustang drives down the road. The sound turns heads, even when the Mustang is around a corner of Arkadelphia, AR as the growl proceeds it—an announcement that something special is coming. However, in 2019 the Mustang offers a variable sound adjustment that compensates for the environment in which you are driving.

The reason for the sound difference is that the 2019 Mustang offers drivers a choice of growls through an active exhaust audio system. There are four selections: Quiet, normal, sport, and track. The driver chooses the sound quality of their exhaust at the push of a button.

At Southwest Ford Lincoln, we offer every trim level of the 2019 Ford Mustang. Come on down to our lot, and we will demonstrate the difference an active exhaust audio system makes.

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